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i already own this game on Steam :) i've had it for a few months now and i still can't beat it because i'm terrible at it >.< lol but it's still just so much fun, and the replay value is practically endless xD


first of all, soccer7 is a fucking idiot

ok, now that thats outta the way
the games great!! :P
its a little bit hard at first, but once you unlock the rocket launcher, thats when the game gets REALLY unfair...for the zombies xP
the last four guns stack the odds squarely on your side, and its easy to breeze through the levels after that
chainsaw n the lazer gun own, end of story

and yeah, soccer7, this is nothing like L4D, other than it has zombies and guns
and you cant say it has the same backdrops as L4D either
lets count them: there's a bridge, a city, a carnival, a sewers section, am i missing something? i cant remember
anyway, these are all common settings in zombie movies, and L4D was trying to be cliched, as was this
its not about the originality, since there's none to be had here, but there was none to be had in L4D either
that doesnt make the games any less enjoyable
L4D is a great game, as is this, but lets not compare the two, shall we :]

its great but difficult

like unnecisarily hard
perhaps a better upgrade system might remedy this
instead of having one point to spend between levels, there should be like an experience point system: you earn a number of points for each kill, and the points stack up, and purchase upgrades from those points, so if you get stuck on a level, you can go back a to an easier level, earn points, and upgrade so you can have a better chance
because as it stands, if you're stuck on a level, your stuck, there's no way around it
other than that, this is pretty great

man, this really puts things into perspective

something that tiny, or that massive is just beyond human comprehension
im straining to grasp the increadibly miniscule quantum foam and all the increadible, inconcievably massive spacejunk floating around out there, trillions of times larger than our sun

my, this was quite a journey indeed
my head hurts 0-o
but in a good way lol

really billybsbilly?

you're gonna give this a 1 just because you're dumbass couldnt figure out the controls? >:[

anyway, this is a great remake. kind of a shocker of a game over screen though lol
overall, really nice job

i reeaaally love this game :D

i love games like this
and this is certainly one of the best
artwork is amazing, items make a noticable difference, and are just expensive enough to keep you playing
once you get everything though, there's not much else as far as incentive to keep playing, but its still great fun
the only problem i have is the achievements/medals issue
i play the game in pop-up, and some still aren't showing up
the one for playing the game for three hours (i got that by leaving the game on overnight) isnt showing up, even though in game, i have it
same goes for the blow up the jeep achievement, get abducted by ufo, travel fifty miles, and the golden clam
which is particularly a problem because i cant rebuy everything without reseting my data
i should have all the medals/achievements for this, but because of this minor issue, i dont

but this is only a minor gripe which does not detract from the game at all
this is still an increadible, quality piece of work
great job

dont listen to all those guys below

i love this
this game is reminicent of old school arcade shooters from back in the day
back when side-scroller shooters where challenging
none of these guys would've lasted ten minutes in some of the games from back then

this isnt too hard at all, its challenging, it strikes a perfect balance between extremely hard and just easy enough to beat; it sits comfortably in between
a perfect balance in achieved here, and its simply pure fun
great job :]

holy crap, ingenious

the spider has a heart on it! interesting ;]
and that was ingenious using the monacle to see the writting on the wall *cough*hint*cough*
really rampped up the creepiness factor to see Alice in that kind of distress

very well done, very atmospheric, and very impressive


it doesnt need a storyline
it doesnt need an explanation
it doesnt need anything
its perfect the way it is
and its a ton of fun
and the fact that it never ends gives it high replay value
i much prefer games like this where you can just play over and over again, rather than the games you play through once n its just like "ok, now i know exactly what happens and how to beat it"
but this game, it looks like all the buildings are generated randomly, which is perfect for this genre

very good job :]

i love games like this :D

totally dig the minimalist style, like in dino run
i also love the whole "this is not as it seems" ambience :]
the ending got me XD

excellent work
love the concept, especially how gameplay drastically changes halfway through
n nice twist ending :]

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