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Really incredible work here! The art style is beautiful and deep, and the music is simply perfect and astounding.
The story reminds me very much of a short story by H. P. Lovecraft where a man finds himself in an impossibly endless black sea. I forget the name of the story, but for some reason, this seemed very reminiscing of that, which I really liked :)
Very well done.

gzilbalodis responds:

I haven't read that, but I'll remember to somdeay.

fantastic as usual

this was frickin hilarious xD
and the little arguement about when the guy's character got killed off was priceless xDDD

but, there does seem to have been a significant decrease in the quality of the artwork in this one compared to the last episode
im assuming you where under time constraints as well as budget cuts or something (the cloud's over Yusuke's mouth so hide the lack of well-animated-lip-synching, being his last line in the show ;P)
but this has been in the works for quite a while, im not complaining or anything, its just that its a bit dissapointing since, based on how much of an improvement Episode 2 was over Episode 1, i was hoping Episode 3 would have better quality art, and instead it came across as a tad sloppy and rushed

still no complaints though
funny as hell
awesome as hell
cool as hell
keep up the great work :)

that easter egg

sums up working with flash perfectly xD
i make my friends, who are just starting flash, watch it before they begin as a legitimate tutorial, because you've perfectly captured how truly overwhelming flash it at first

haha, love you work :D

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i already own this game on Steam :) i've had it for a few months now and i still can't beat it because i'm terrible at it >.< lol but it's still just so much fun, and the replay value is practically endless xD


first of all, soccer7 is a fucking idiot

ok, now that thats outta the way
the games great!! :P
its a little bit hard at first, but once you unlock the rocket launcher, thats when the game gets REALLY unfair...for the zombies xP
the last four guns stack the odds squarely on your side, and its easy to breeze through the levels after that
chainsaw n the lazer gun own, end of story

and yeah, soccer7, this is nothing like L4D, other than it has zombies and guns
and you cant say it has the same backdrops as L4D either
lets count them: there's a bridge, a city, a carnival, a sewers section, am i missing something? i cant remember
anyway, these are all common settings in zombie movies, and L4D was trying to be cliched, as was this
its not about the originality, since there's none to be had here, but there was none to be had in L4D either
that doesnt make the games any less enjoyable
L4D is a great game, as is this, but lets not compare the two, shall we :]

its great but difficult

like unnecisarily hard
perhaps a better upgrade system might remedy this
instead of having one point to spend between levels, there should be like an experience point system: you earn a number of points for each kill, and the points stack up, and purchase upgrades from those points, so if you get stuck on a level, you can go back a to an easier level, earn points, and upgrade so you can have a better chance
because as it stands, if you're stuck on a level, your stuck, there's no way around it
other than that, this is pretty great

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absolutely lovely!! thank you for sharing!

dat drop 0_0

Pandasticality responds:

i hope you liked it n__n i worked very hard on it, thank you for your rate & comment <3

very nice melody bro :)

Pandasticality responds:

i did my best on it, the synth one-hit i had at the time was very hard to work with, thank you for your comment & rate <3

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