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Posted by albiokay - June 24th, 2010

i just thought i'd share this snazzy screenshot ;P

Update on the BlankIt cartoon

Posted by albiokay - June 2nd, 2010

Ok, anyone here ever heard of the webcomic BlankIt?
http://blankitcomics.com/2008/06/08/bl ankit-0001/ = here's a link to the first episode
it tells a story about two guys trapped in an empty void. the realm of possibility for where the story can go from there is virtually limitless! and the story takes the reader to some interestingly engaging situations, and it has a ton of clever, witty situational humor. i thought that this would translate extremely well into animation, and so my journey began.

ok so i emailed the guys that make it, and i got the ok to make an animated series of it :D
now this is gonna be an independant project that im doing for the fun of it. im not getting paid, im not getting sponsored, and im not getting hired for anything. i'd had this idea in my head for some time now, but never really acted upon it. i have their full permission to use their story and their artstyle to realize my animated rendition of the comic. now its a pretty long series, and its still ongoing, so it should make for a pretty lengthy series. each episode is generally four panels long, and they update the comic every monday and thursday. each animated episode is planned on being a few comic-episodes long.

Now, i have no deadlines, and no guidelines, for this undertaking of mine. this isnt for a school project, so i may work on it at my leisure. thus, i will take much more time working on it, and give a lot more attention to detail.
Here is a screenshot of what i have so far, just barely done with the first comic episode.
as you can see, i'm trying ever so hard to maintain the original artist's style, and all credit for the comic and the artwork is due to Lemuel Pew, the artist, and Aric McKeown, the writer.
The music will be original, acoustic compositions by myself, and the voice acting, at least for episode one, will be provided by me and a dear friend of mine. however, as far as further episodes go, im not sure if my friend will still be able to voice act, as we will be going to different universities, and so will have little time together :[
a fresh, expressive, comedic voice actor will be very much appreciated for the character of "Lemmo". he is the comedic foil of my character, "Aric" (pictured below), who is the smart rational one, who always seeks to understand the universe they find themselves in. My character is droll and witty, while Lemmo is the silly, uncaring, laid back guy. anyone interested in voice-acting for him, please pm me, and we'll work something out! *pretty good microphone would be necessary*
Im going for professional quality here :] (or at least as proffessional as my laptop and nonexistent budget could provide)

or right, that picture i mentioned earlier...

BlankIt animated series??? ;P

Posted by albiokay - March 2nd, 2010

i can't quite say when my next flash will arive, nor what it will be

im kind of working on like a million projects at once, and ive got a million more buzzing around my head just begging to be put into work. god forbid i should compound on my already heafty workload though, so they're currently put on hold.

i simply cant decide what to finish next, but yeah, it probably wont be anything like my previous two animations.

for the most part, my next project submited will either be a music video of sorts, or something funny
im also working on a game, but hell, thats still in its most basic starting stages
im really new to actionscript, so the game wont be too complicated
im more of an animator than a programmer, and i think you'll see that with the game i have planned

but that wont be for a while however, so yeah

meanwhile, enjoy my latest "too lazy to work on something for a project so i threw some shit together in flash" excursion.
This image was for an English project based on the "Oedipus Cycle" plays by Sophocles.
We were to create a character sketch (picture, diorama, model, collage) representing one particular character through symbolism.
so this picture has a crap-ton load of symbolism n stuff like that.
It is my interpretation of the character Creon, if you're familiar with the plays n were just wondering.
Its supposed to be animated, unfortunately i cant submit an animated image on here, but basically the animation sonsists of: the ragdolls swaying back and forth, the loose string billowing in the wind, he blinks every now and then, and lightning strikes every so often.
im gonna leave the symbolism for you to figure out for yourself.

If you're curious as to what all the things in the picture mean, or have any questions on any of my other projects in the work, please feel free to leave a comment :]

god know whats next

Posted by albiokay - December 18th, 2009

new flash is up!
made the whole damn thing in one week
not really much to say.
just tired from the second longest week of school ( ;] ) and am looking forward to a long, restful christmas vacation
anyway, just made this post to announce my new flash up, and to wish everyone here at Newgrounds and the whole community and all its users a very merry christmas :)

Posted by albiokay - September 12th, 2009

hello all

i just recently submitted my first flash movie to newgrounds, and it went great :D
huge sucess in my opinion, but then i wasnt expecting much :]

anyway, i just wanted to say thank you to everyone who reviewed and everyone who liked it
you can be certain ill be making and submitting more flash movies, as i have a ton of projects currently in the works, so stay tuned folks :D
cant garuntee when the next one comes out though, as im busy with school, and this was FOR school, so it counted as homework :p

my next flash will either be a little funny movie about a little funny comic i made a few years ago or something serious
yah, i used to make comics, and my major goal is to embody all of my comics in flash
thats around 75+ comics, all with separate stories, but each encompassing the same characters, so im thinkin "SERIES!!!" lol

on the serious one, i dont wanna give away anything, except that its gonna be for psychology class, its gonna be a music video at heart, its gonna be dark in an ironic way, its gonna be powerful, its not gonna be funny [but there will be other funny flashes], and i havnt started it yet XD
but its certainly in there, i just havnt pulled it out yet *sexual innuendo not intended*
.........yeah, thats what she said...yeah......

on a side note, RvKsword suggested i should turn my first submission into a seires as well, like a bunch of Reanacments like this one
this idea intrigued me, and i wanna hear what you think about that
if you all would like to see this turn into a series, feel free to comment
i could also use a few suggestions on historical events, nothing offensive though, as this is all in good fun, so you wont see me making any 9/11 parodies for obvious reasons
but any suggestions you guys have for some historical event that might be funny would be greatly appreciated and ill take this reanacment series into consideration

again, thanks everyone for all the great reviews :]

hey, 300 parody anyone?
i didnt make this picture, but its friggen awesome
could this be the next in the series 0-o *probably not* lol

omfg first flash came out great