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god know whats next

Posted by albiokay - March 2nd, 2010

i can't quite say when my next flash will arive, nor what it will be

im kind of working on like a million projects at once, and ive got a million more buzzing around my head just begging to be put into work. god forbid i should compound on my already heafty workload though, so they're currently put on hold.

i simply cant decide what to finish next, but yeah, it probably wont be anything like my previous two animations.

for the most part, my next project submited will either be a music video of sorts, or something funny
im also working on a game, but hell, thats still in its most basic starting stages
im really new to actionscript, so the game wont be too complicated
im more of an animator than a programmer, and i think you'll see that with the game i have planned

but that wont be for a while however, so yeah

meanwhile, enjoy my latest "too lazy to work on something for a project so i threw some shit together in flash" excursion.
This image was for an English project based on the "Oedipus Cycle" plays by Sophocles.
We were to create a character sketch (picture, diorama, model, collage) representing one particular character through symbolism.
so this picture has a crap-ton load of symbolism n stuff like that.
It is my interpretation of the character Creon, if you're familiar with the plays n were just wondering.
Its supposed to be animated, unfortunately i cant submit an animated image on here, but basically the animation sonsists of: the ragdolls swaying back and forth, the loose string billowing in the wind, he blinks every now and then, and lightning strikes every so often.
im gonna leave the symbolism for you to figure out for yourself.

If you're curious as to what all the things in the picture mean, or have any questions on any of my other projects in the work, please feel free to leave a comment :]

god know whats next