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omfg first flash came out great

Posted by albiokay - September 12th, 2009

hello all

i just recently submitted my first flash movie to newgrounds, and it went great :D
huge sucess in my opinion, but then i wasnt expecting much :]

anyway, i just wanted to say thank you to everyone who reviewed and everyone who liked it
you can be certain ill be making and submitting more flash movies, as i have a ton of projects currently in the works, so stay tuned folks :D
cant garuntee when the next one comes out though, as im busy with school, and this was FOR school, so it counted as homework :p

my next flash will either be a little funny movie about a little funny comic i made a few years ago or something serious
yah, i used to make comics, and my major goal is to embody all of my comics in flash
thats around 75+ comics, all with separate stories, but each encompassing the same characters, so im thinkin "SERIES!!!" lol

on the serious one, i dont wanna give away anything, except that its gonna be for psychology class, its gonna be a music video at heart, its gonna be dark in an ironic way, its gonna be powerful, its not gonna be funny [but there will be other funny flashes], and i havnt started it yet XD
but its certainly in there, i just havnt pulled it out yet *sexual innuendo not intended*
.........yeah, thats what she said...yeah......

on a side note, RvKsword suggested i should turn my first submission into a seires as well, like a bunch of Reanacments like this one
this idea intrigued me, and i wanna hear what you think about that
if you all would like to see this turn into a series, feel free to comment
i could also use a few suggestions on historical events, nothing offensive though, as this is all in good fun, so you wont see me making any 9/11 parodies for obvious reasons
but any suggestions you guys have for some historical event that might be funny would be greatly appreciated and ill take this reanacment series into consideration

again, thanks everyone for all the great reviews :]

hey, 300 parody anyone?
i didnt make this picture, but its friggen awesome
could this be the next in the series 0-o *probably not* lol

omfg first flash came out great